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A diente de perro jose luis estañ

  1. Bian-K Poland - Barking Dog Don't Die
    1. Vicente Fernandez - Ese Señor de las Canas (Cover Audio)
    2. Yandel - Déjate Amar (Official Video)
    3. Lali - Caliente (Pseudo Video Animado) ft. Pabllo Vittar

Bian-K Poland - Barking Dog Don't Die

Wiki DubbingHello, welcome to Wiki Dubbing. Before we start we ask you to please take some time to read the community rules so you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to page edits and so on.

José Luis Orozco (born June 22, 1958) is an actor and director of dubbing and television. He is known for being the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise, Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, Max Tennyson in the Ben 10 franchise, Rico in the Madagascar franchise, Bills in the Dragon Ball franchise, Theodore Roosevelt in the A Night at the Museum films and for dubbing the famous actor and comedian Tim Allen in many of his films.

Vicente Fernandez - Ese Señor de las Canas (Cover Audio)

Artistic Bookbinding Course - Contemporary Bookbinding - Step by step, all the construction of this style of bookbinding in full painted leather with leather covers and stitching on scartivanas - 25 hours of content approximately.

This is an assembled combo for those interested in Restoration. It includes the three Restoration courses of the Online School + 3 fundamental complements: Introductory Course and two structure courses that will help you in the restoration process: Bradel and Antique Lettering.

INTRODUCTORY COURSE: The course is essential -even if you have previous knowledge- to incorporate essential concepts of a trade that holds a potential for creativity without ceiling. Eduardo details these concepts and the treatment of the different techniques, masterfully applying a fundamental teaching principle: to go from the simple to the complex and to do it with clarity. Knowing the tools, their preference and correct use is integrated to that progression in another of Eduardo's virtues: he transmits everything he knows in an economical and generous way, using tips that make up the manual of his experience. The forum is an unmissable plus of these classes. Eduardo responds to questions, often on the same day they are asked. For those who love the world of books in all its dimensions, he found in these courses an ideal place to grow in knowledge and skills to relate differently with that world.

Yandel - Déjate Amar (Official Video)

Our two most international actors, Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, let themselves go with Óscar Martínez in this story by Duprat and Cohn, a parody about the world of the current industry and mainly about its most visible face: the performers.

Jorge Coira's film, one of the action movies of this 2022, was in charge of opening Malaga. This thriller based on real events tells us about Juan, who works for the secret services; in order to gain access to the villa of a couple involved in arms trafficking, he approaches Wendy, the Filipino maid who lives in the house and establishes a relationship with her that will become increasingly complex. In parallel, Juan performs other "unofficial" jobs to protect the interests of the country's most powerful elites, who have now set their sights on Angel Gonzalez, a seemingly nondescript politician whose dirty laundry he must find or "invent". Luis Tosar led the cast of the story.

Vicente Villanueva presented one of the comedies that will hit theaters this 2022. In this case, this plot talks about how to get started in the world of swingers trying to get out as little damaged as possible. And that the exchange is made between friends... What is the result? Fernando Guallar, Eva Ugarte, Tamar Novas, María Castro, Miren Ibarguren among others star in the film.

Lali - Caliente (Pseudo Video Animado) ft. Pabllo Vittar

Dirigida por Alberto Evangelio - 100 minutos (2022)Reparto: Iria del Río, Miquel Fernández, Jan Cornet y Sandra CerveraEn Visitante, la maternidad y la culpa se abordan desde el prisma del cine de género en una historia que gira entre el intimismo, los efectos especiales analógicos y el terror. Marga decide pasar varios días en una casa de su antiguo pueblo para huir de su crisis matrimonial. En ese lugar un misterioso ente invisible comienza a acosarla. Se queda embarazada de su amante y, el día que va a abortarla, el ente no la deja salir de la casa. La aparición de un portal que la conduce a otra realidad la obliga a tomar una decisión para evitar que ocurra algo terrible. Trailer

Dirigida por: Alexis Morante - 113 minutos (2022)Reparto: Salva Reina, María León, Pedro Casablanc y Rubén FulgencioUna historia para toda la familia con música de Enrique Bunbury ambientada en la Andalucía de 1985. Óliver, un niño con una enorme imaginación, se traslada con su familia de Madrid a Algeciras justo cuando está a punto de pasar el cometa Halley. Óliver buscará, con la ayuda de su abuelo, la solución a sus problemas en las estrellas y en el famoso cometa. Trailer

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